Season 1 Episode 4 - The Fairbell Tape - Airdate 25 February 2016

Episode directed by Roger Kumble (who also directed the film CRUEL INTENTIONS, and episode 20 of RINGER).

SMG in Those Who Can't SMG in Those Who Can't SMG in Those Who Can't SMG in Those Who Can't SMG in Those Who Can't SMG in Those Who Can't

When the PTA removes the vending machines, Shoemaker and Abbey go to extreme lengths to get them back; Loren faces off with his old teacher; Fairbell's sexual orientation is uncovered.

Gellar's character is hell-bent on removing junk food from her children's school, and comes into conflict with the teaching staff on the issue. Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy and Andrew Orvedahl (The Denver comedy team Grawlix) star in the 10 episode series about a dysfunctional teaching staff. Cayton-Holland plays a Spanish teacher, Orvedahl a gym teacher and Roy is a punk-rock history teacher. The three also write and executive produce the show. A Denver Post article by Joanne Ostrow describes the shows main characters: "While Cayton-Holland's character, Payton, is a ringleader, Roy describes his character, Billy Shoemaker, in a scene in which he's wearing a pink lace tank top that shows off his tattoos, as 'the Klinger of this show.' Orvedahl paints his eager-to-please character, Coach Fairbell, as 'a human golden retriever.'"


Sarah Michelle Gellar - Gwen Stephanie
Adam Cayton-Holland - Loren Payton
Ben Roy - Billy Shoemaker
Andrew Orvedahl - Andy Fairbell
Maria Thayer - Abbey Logan
Susie Essman - Leslie Bronn
Rory Scovel - Geoffrey Quinn
Sonya Eddy - Tammy
Kyle Kinane - Rod Knorr
Justin Prentice - Bryce
Senyo Amoaku - Burly Guy
Libe Barer - Beth
Katie F. Ward - Connie
SMG in Those Who Can't

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of THOSE WHO CAN'T